Ghanaian son Michael Amankwaa aids Advancement of Multiple African Countries

Michael Amankwa returned home to Ghana and set up CoreNett Limited, which provides technologically advanced financial services and enhances the lives of people living in many African countries.

After graduation, alumni from the College of Business take their skills and knowledge to many different places. Michael Amankwa (‘99) went farther than most.

After graduating from JMU with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting and completing his Master of Science degree in information technology and telecommunication systems at the Johns Hopkins University, Amankwa spent a few years at Booz Allen Hamilton before returning to his home country, Ghana, in 2005.

Michael Amankwa

Michael Amankwa

“I believe Africa has a lot to offer to the rest of the world and I definitely have a key role to play in telling the African story,” said Amankwa.

There he set up CoreNett Limited, a transactions processing Management Company that provides cutting edge solutions to retailers, governments and other institutions for processing electronic transactions. Amankwa carries out all executive functions for CoreNett Limited, which has become a multinational company.

James Madison University pays special tribute to this indigenous genius and a son of the Black star through their official website. Below is a link to the full story. We salute this incredulous son of the land for all the work he is putting in to enhance living not just in Ghana but for all the other African countries.

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