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Ghanaian illegal immigrant, talks about unfair and inhumane treatment from British immigration and police #amnesty4maundy

Maxwell Kwaku Maundy, a Ghanaian illegal immigrant in the United Kingdom, says he now seeks amnesty for himself and people like him living in the UK, following what he terms unfair and inhumane treatment against him by British Immigration and British police.

In his quest to complete his master’s degree in the UK before leaving the country after his resident permit had expired, Maundy was arrested and processed for deportation in October 2007. However, after an immigration officer asked Maundy to bribe him so he could sell back his passport to him, Maxwell reported the officer to the police, and the police in turn decided to use Maxwell to set up and arrest the corrupt official.maxwell-maundy

During the sting, the immigration officer, Babs Folobi Carew was filmed pocketing a bribe from Maundy. Carew promised to turn a blind eye to Maxwell remaining in the UK for £1,500. Police filmed Carew accepting £500 from Mr Maundy, and advising him on how to evade detection. Maundy did not only work with the police but also testified in court until the Blackfriars crown court found Carew guilty and jailed for three years.

However, after the case was closed, Maundy’s status in the UK became unknown, forcing him to fight the system which led to a series of events including threatening the MP for Barking, a thrilling police search and ultimately a jail term. In the following video, Maxwell Kweku Maundy shares his story and his new mission to fight for amnesty for himself and other illegal immigrants.

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