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Ghanaian filmmaker Kingsley Osei Bonsu recognized by The West African Film Festival

Kingsley Osei Bonsu, a filmmaker from Ghana has officially been recognised by The West African Film Festival, with support from the University of Houston Downtown, Texas.

Kingsley was honoured for his two films; Touched By The Sand Set (short documentary film) and “Fa Odo Bebo Dom/Last Stop” (music video shot for rapper Cabum).

The music video directed by him for Cabum was also highly commended by the jury of the film festival.

Even though these films are enjoying the recognition in America, they are yet to be seen by Ghanaians.

“Your work is fabulous!!!!! You have got a great career ahead of you.” says Linda Wuest, a member of the committee.Kingsley Osei Bonsu Fa Odo Bebo Dom - Last Stop Touched By The Sand Set

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