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Ghanaian artistes must collaborate to get airplay – MTV Base Channel Director

Channel Director for MTV Base, Africa’s biggest music channel, Tim Horwood has advised Ghanaian artistes to collaborate with other musicians in other countries to be able to get airplay on MTV Base.

Speaking during the second edition of MultiChoice’s Content Showcase Extravaganza in Mauritius, Tim told that Ghanaian artistes can break Nigeria’s dominance by marketing themselves to becoming relevant outside their territory.

“If there is someone who is so big, makes themselves relevant outside of their territory,” the channel will be forced to play that artiste’s songs.

Tim Horwood, Channel Director for MTV Base

Tim Horwood, Channel Director for MTV Base

He cited one of East Africa’s biggest acts, Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz as an example saying, “he made himself relevant in Nigeria, he made himself relevant in South Africa so now we play it because it’s like obvious, our viewers know who he is, they like him.”

“He is clever enough to collaborate with people out of his territory so now he is relevant in Nigeria so we can play it and not worry about people tuning off,” Tim added.

The future plan for the music channel, the MTV Base boss said, is to venture into other countries and “we are looking for funding so we can create local content.”

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