Ghanaian actress: ‘I am ready to lose a thousand men if they are not happy with the roles I play’

Though her near nude roles have fetched her loads of bashing from Ghanaian movie lovers, actress Phil Ayisi is unfazed and has no plans of backing down anytime soon.

The 26-year-old actress says she is very cool with showing flesh in movies and doesn’t understand why people are kicking a fuss over that because’it is no big deal’.

Talking to Graphic Showbiz last Monday, Phil said ‘there is nakedness all around us. There is nakedness on the beaches and at the beauty pageants so if I go semi-nude in movies where one has to interpret characters, I don’t see the reason why people should make a big deal out of it.

‘Movie producers have come to realise I play those roles very well. When I featured in Idikoko’s Office Romance, Socrate Safo also cast me in Hot Fork and then other producers also came on board as well’ Phil pointed out.

Phil who is also a model, revealed that despite losing a boyfriend for going almost nude in movies, she still doesn’t regret her action since acting is what makes her happy.

Phil Ayisi

‘Nobody can stop me from doing what I love doing. If I have to bare flesh to make the character I am playing look as real as possible, I will do it. No boyfriend or husband can stop me from doing that.

‘My ex-boyfriend didn’t understand my choice of profession so we had to go our separate ways. I am ready to lose a thousand men if they are not happy with the roles I play.’

According to Phil, her parents sometimes get worried about the unsavoury comments people pass about her but she tells them not to worry since she is just acting and not sleeping around with men.

Despite the bashing she receives, Phil believes she is a very good actress.

‘I’m the best actress in Ghana because I’m versatile. The films I have featured in are out there to prove what I am saying. I can take up any role.’

Phil Ayisi

On how she got into acting, Phil who used to dance for Reggie Rockstone and K.K Fosu, explained that she went to see a play at the University of Ghana, Legon where she met actor Eddie Nartey who encouraged her to go into acting.

She hails from Kwahu in the Eastern Region. Movies she has featured in include Love and Sex, What Sex Can Do, Ghana Condom, Rhapsody of Love, Twisted Tips, Things Fall Apart, My Own Sister, No Pain No Gain and Captain Smart.

Phil Ayisi
Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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