Ghanaian actors threatens to boycott Ghana Movie Awards?

Fred Nuamah, Founder of the Ghana Movie Awards

Fred Nuamah, Founder of the Ghana Movie Awards

The annual Ghana Movie Awards (GMA) is in trouble as actors have threatened to boycott the awards.

According to Razz newspaper;

The Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) President, Mr. Samuel Nii Odoi Mensah, has told Razz Newspaper that, the guild will have nothing to do with the Ghana Movie Awards and have even not been part of the awards scheme right from day one.

The Actors’ Guild’s position on the movie awards came to light immediately after the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) issued a press release last week, warning its members across the country to stay away from the Ghana Movie Awards or face the wrath of the association.

Mr. Odoi Mensah explained that the guild took its position to boycott the movie awards some years back. However, Fred Nuamah, founder of Ghana Movie Awards, pleaded with the guild at that time to be given the opportunity to put things at the right place. Contrary to what he pleaded for, Fred keeps repeating the same mistakes year after year.

He added that FIPAG did not support the guild in its decision to boycott the awards. This was because; FIPAG did not make out any sense from the guild’s decision to do so. Hence, the members did not give full attention to that decision.

“From day one, we – the actor’s guild have been complaining about the awards. We even told the film producers to redraw from the award but because some of them have selfish interests, they decided not to mind us” Mr. Odoi told Razz Newspaper.

He continued that, he hasn’t gotten time to go through the official press release from the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) to know whether they – Actors’ Guild – agree with the reasons FIPAG has outlined.

“I haven’t gotten the opportunity to go through the release of the film producers association of Ghana, but since they are part of the main stakeholders of the film industry, whatever decisions they take affect us, so if they have pulled out of the awards, automatically we also pull out. It’s their movies that are going to be used to reward the movie stars, so we can’t do without them” Mr. Odoi said.

He advised Fred Nuamah not to forget he’s dealing with actors and film made by film producers so he cannot do the awards without giving them the necessary respect. “Can there be a music award without MUSIGA? Or awards for doctors and nurses without involving doctors association?” Mr. Odoi quizzed.

When asked what the Guild will do if Fred Nuamah decides to meet executives of FIPAG and the Ghana Actors Guild to iron out their differences, Mr. Odoi said he cannot promise anything at the moment because they have given Fred Nuamah enough chance to correct his mistakes which he failed to do.

Talking about the way forward for the film industry and how the film industry can get a credible award scheme, Mr. odoi said; “Very soon, FIPAG and GAG will meet to officially come out with a plan, and how to get a proper and credible award scheme.”
Razz Newspaper placed a number of calls to Fred Nuamah for his response to the Actors Guild’s position but he did not pick up our calls as at the time of going to press.

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