Ghana ranks 7th in 2014 Ibrahim Index of African Governance

Ghana scored higher than the African average of 51.5 and ranks 7th out of 52 countries overall, with Mauritius coming 1st. Ghana’s score is higher than the regional average for West Africa, scoring 52.2 ranking 2nd out of 15 West African countries.

The Ibrahim index of African Governance (IIAG) provides an annual assessment of the quality of governance in African countries. Compiled by combining over 100 variables from more than 30 independent African and global sources, the IIAG is the most comprehensive collection of data on African governance.

The IIAG also provides a framework for citizens, Governments institutions and the private sector to assess accurately the delivery of public goods and services, and policy outcomes, across the continent.

The IIAG is both a tool to help determine, and debate government performance and a decision-making instrument with which to govern.

Launching the 2014 IIAG at the University of London on Monday, 29th September, the founder of the Foundation, Dr Mo Ibrahim, said he hopes that the 2014 findings will enable interested parties to appreciate the complexity of Africa and to better identify its potential and opportunities and that the results would provide the impetus to strive for better governance.

Ghana High Commission, UK


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