Ghana Meets Naija 2013: If it’s not a lie …

Last Saturday, June 29, organizers of the annual ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ music showdown, Empire Entertainment in partnership with Media GH put up with the third edition of the show. If you were one of the numerous fans who saw the show for the first time, you probably have joined the many choruses praising and lauding the organizers for putting up a very great show.

However, if you have been like a ‘family member’ of the show like I have since the show was launched in 2011, I will say yes, the show was great but not hugely successful as we are being made to believe by some few people. It was a show that you will say was wow. Compared to the two previous editions, the just ended show was just an ordinary show.

The show was overcrowded with artistes dragging it needlessly. As you know ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. It should occur to event organizers that, patrons would want to see a show and still manage to go home early. It is not always the case that patrons want to stay up late. Honestly, I think that the ‘chaoo’ artistes didn’t help the show in anyway.

This is a show that is supposed to bring artistes from both countries who had released banging hit songs during the year, so if the organizers really sat down and put forward names of such artistes to perform on the show, why the last-minute inclusion of several artistes as a ‘surprise package’ which did not merit the show?

The show was originally billed for the headline artiste, Wizkid, his Nigeria compatriots Timaya and BurnaBoy whiles Samini, Okyeame Kwame, R2Bees, E.L., Edem, Dobble, Dr Slim, Raquel were to represent Ghana. These were guys who observers in the industry could confirm that indeed they put out hits in Nigeria and Ghana.

The only artiste who, perhaps did not fully meet the criterion but was included was Shatta Wale (Bandana) but even happens to be the most talked-about now with his ‘Dancehall King’ song being the biggest song in Ghana. His inclusion, in a way, was justified.

It can be said that music fans pay lots of money to attend shows for several reasons. So if patrons are promised something at a show and those things did not materialise, it’s not a lie then I don’t know what a lie is. Let me check out my top five lies at the June 29 ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ show:

 Ghana meets naija


Okay! This guy signed a contract to perform on the show and on May 3 he signed a lucratic deal ranging between N10million to N25million with Nigerian’s telecom giant, Glo and since the Ghana Meets Naija was being sponsored by a competitor; MTN, he was barred from performing.

Interesting stuff! So was this one too a lie? Technically, it wasn’t a lie but the organizers failed to take advantage of his new deal and swap him. So it amounts to deception.

I don’t blame Burna Boy for shunning the show for the Glo’s big money; in fact any of us would have done same. Immediately he signed the deal with Glo, it was obvious he was not going to perform at an MTN sponsored event – not on this earth, perhaps on another planet.

Meanwhile the PR for Empire PR was promising all over the place that they would deliver the guy. Instead of the ‘talk-talk’, they should have rather swapped him for another artiste. After all, between May 3 to June 29 was enough time. If it’s not a lie then I don’t know what lie is then.



A lot of noise was made about the nation’s biggest and most respected technology company across the continent, rLG that the outfit will dish out lots of phones during the show. However this turned out to be a hoax.

In the previous Empire Entertainment events, when phones were promised they were placed under the auditorium seats, so what happened this time around? Did anybody keep phones for personal gains? You can call it whatever you to call it but if its not a lie then I don’t know what a lie really.

People would still have come to see the show so why the need to promise anything when that promise could not be fulfilled?



Last year during the second edition of the show, there was a DJ battle between Ghana’s DJ Mensa and DJ Neptune from Nigeria. It was just great seeing the two DJs battling each other with hits songs from their respective countries. The battle was healthy and eventually, from my perspective, the Naija DJ won the day.

During the just ended edition, the organisers promised another battle between DJ Lambo from Nigeria and our own DJ Kess. And then what happened?

There was no show. Let me say that perhaps there would have been enough time to accommodate them if the show was not unnecessarily loaded. If that was not a lie, then I don’t know what a lie is!



In the build up to the concert, one thing that was said over and over again was that Nigeria’s current biggest Wizkid would partner Ghana’s Dancehall King; Samini to perform their hit song ‘Time Bomb’.

Indeed ‘Time Bomb’ is one of the hottest tunes in the country currently and the idea of finally having the two heavyweights perform the track for the first time must have whetted the appetite of the fans.

However, many patrons were left disappointed because Wizkid failed to perform with Samini. After the show, a cock-and-bull story emerged that the two headliners could not perform together because of a beef between the Ghanaian and his compatriots R2Bees who are close pals of the Nigerian.

But I ask: What was Wizkid’s problem if two Ghanaian artistes are at loggerheads? Wasn’t he paid to perform? Wasn’t he told he was going to perform ‘Time Bomb’ with Samini? If it was not a lie then I don’t know what a lie is!



Technically, the inability of R2Bees to perform is not a lie but for the purpose of this article, let us refer to it as a lie. To their numerous fans, they were deceived.

R2Bees were hyped by the organisers as key performers at the show and if something came up and they could not perform, it is something the fans could care less about. They had coughed GHC100 and GHC200 to purchase tickets for the event and they needed to watch their favourite artiste perform despite whatever.

I understand why R2Bees opted to attend the BET Awards at the expense of the Ghana Meets Naija but I do not understand the organisers could not announce that and apologise ahead of show. For me, the video of the duo that was played saying they were at the BET Awards was only a joke.

Even on the yellow carpet when patrons, including Lawyer Mike Ocquaye Jnr were asked who they had come to see that evening, the name R2Bees kept popping up meaning that all those people left the venue disappointed.

By Ebenezer Anangfio or tweet @anangfio

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