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#GhanaGist: Ghana is a special country in Africa – Pastor Chris Oyakilome

Preacher, Tele-evangelist, best –selling author, and mentor, Pastor Chris Oyakilome has said that Ghana is a very special country in Africa.

He made the profound statement about the nation of Ghana at the communion service which was streamed live on all the LOVEWORLD STATIONS.  He said “God sent me to Ghana, I am not coming to Ghana because it is a nice country but I am coming to Ghana because God asked me to” .He also stressed on the fact that it will be a great blessing God will release on the nation of Ghana as a result of that meeting.

It is evident that in crusades held by Pastor Chris, many miracles and healings take place, resulting in the transformation of individuals who were oppressed and had lost hope. He teaches and dissects the word of God, bringing knowledge, resulting in the salvation of many.

News circulating all around says anointed minister of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, will be having his first ever crusade in Ghana on Friday 5th February 2016. The program has dubbed ‘Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris’.

It is on record that after such meetings with Pastor Chris, attendees experience tremendous growth in their lives, be it financial, academic, health, relationships, etc.

People have been asking about how true the news is, and they have every reason to ask questions. Many are genuinely concerned because the news sounds too good to be true, especially looking at the impact Pastor Chris has made in their lives through the powerful teachings of the word of God.

There have been other times where people said he was coming to Ghana, but all of that were based on speculations. This is the first time Pastor Chris has said it publicly that he is coming.

From all indications, the celebrated preacher is coming to Ghana, especially looking at the intensity of publicity.  There are several billboards on all major roads advertising the program. A short advert has also been showing on popular television stations, where the man of God himself makes the announcement that he will be in Ghana on the said date.

The much anticipated all night special service is expected to take place at the Black Star Square, also known as the Independence Square on Friday 5th February 2016, from 4pm till dawn. The program is free for everyone.

Members of Christ Embassy Church in Ghana have been busily going about spreading the good news, which has evidently affected their lives greatly.

Interested persons are also expected to register to attend the crusade on the official website . From all indications, this is slated to be one of the programs with the highest attendances ever in the history of the nation of Ghana.Pastor Chris

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