Bashir Hayford, Ghana coach
It was a good game, I appreciated all that I’ve seen tonight. And at the end of the day, the best team won. We already learnt our first lesson: in a World Cup, nothing will be easy. We suffered, but we won. I had said before the tournament that we had the potential to win the World Cup. I don’t know if we’ll do it, but we do see some signs. And we sent a signal that we’re not here for fun – we’re here for business. If I didn’t want to win the World Cup, we wouldn’t be here. 

Andrew Olivieri, Canada coach
We’ve already moved on. At the final whistle, we were already focused on our next game. Against Finland, it will be do or die, and we have to learn to adapt to the other team’s style of play. It took us the half of the game tonight to learn that, and by then it was too late. I’m satisfied with the energy I’ve seen, but I can’t say that I’m satisfied with our performance. Playing a World Cup at home, it’s not too much pressure for my players, but it’s a new pressure. And they’ll have to learn to live with it in this tournament, and to win the important games despite this pressure.