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GHAMRO’s Struggle “Black Crabs In A Bucket”

The black man is naturally good at pulling each other down and that skill comes with ease infact, it requires no formal training since it is in our genes.

Ghamro is the backbone of the music industry in Ghana and if allowed to work will save the thousands of copyright owners who die poor yet some people have made it their agenda to make sure it never works, whether it is out of ignorance or greed you can never tell.

During the court case some two years ago I attended a 3-day workshop in Zimbabwe and had the opportunity to meet most of the heads of the Royalties collection societies in Africa and in a conversation with one of them he told me how he came to learn the GHAMOGRAM System from Ghana and how much it has benefited their music industry .He was therefore surprised at the fact that Ghana was in court still struggling to find its feet 8-years down the line.

Later that night in my hotel, sleep eluded me and left me lying there reflecting on the reasons why we were still marking time.

My first observation was that the young ones had always entrusted their destiny into the hands of the older folks only to be disappointed at the end of the day because of the menopausal nagging and fighting ways they ruled with.

My second observation was that our politicians lacked understanding in our industry issues and therefore were always confused by ugly noises.

The next day I made a promise to take my destiny into my own hands and made sure I dedicated my time and energy to play my role in ensuring that Ghamro works again.

Fast forward today, Ghamro is working for every copyright owner and not a few like it used to be in the past. The politicians understands us better today and can tell when “empty barrels” are making noise since the devil will always find work for the idle hands.

The good news is that, the GHAMRO OFFICE now operates an open door policy and its being headed by democratically elected Board members and managed by trained Administrators. You can walk into the office anytime, any day and you will be received with open arms.

Seeing the likes of Bice kuffour a.k.a OBOUR, Nana Duah a.k. a TIC TAC and the young ones playing major roles today gives me joy and it only shows how the youth have decided to take their destiny into their own hands.

The truth is that money is not sustainable that’s why in human beings own wisdom we have created Pension Schemes because when you are young, you can work and make money for your upkeep but when you grow old it becomes virtually impossible to work because of lack of strength and that’s when sickness also comes along if you are not lucky.

My advice to the likes of Samini, Shatta Wale, De Voice, Guru, Stone Bwoy etc is that, they should get closer to Ghamro now that they are young and not allow anybody or group to mess with their Pension now that Ghamro is moving in the right direction.

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