GHAMRO Board should stop acting like ostriches 


Since the inception of GHAMRO, there have been lots of reasons to complain simply because the INTERIM board has not lived up to expectations.

For everyone in the music industry to fight the government for the ownership of its rights i.e. from COSGA to GHAMRO was no child’s play and therefore we did not expect a board which will be measured by mediocrity.

The board was suppose to be an interim board and was expected to supervise over the elections of a proper and acceptable board to be instituted but for reasons best known to themselves and the silence of all right owners, they decided to stay on for three years.

According to my dictionary interim is suppose to be temporal, so can you tell me if temporal is equivalent to three years whiles the license for GHAMRO to operate is 5 years?

Trying to figure out a name to call the board since the word interim is not appropriate anymore. Can I use the word illegitimate? Since our constitution states that the board can only be instituted by elections and for this current one nobody voted for them!

Now to the issues;

  1. This so called board has failed to supervise and help conduct the general elections for 3 years.
  1. They have not called for any general meeting for three years.
  1. They have collected monies and distributed without accountability.
  1. They don’t have any audited account to show for the past three years.
  1. One of our major problem was the absent of the login system by our radio stations; ask me if they have been able to fulfill that too.

The “board” has been a complete failure and when stakeholders decided to hold a press conference to air their views, Mark who is part of this failed board decides to attack personalities like Kojo and defend Carlos; ironically all of them are board members.

Mark has been one of my mentors whom I have a lot of respect for until he started defending the indefensible that should tell you how difficult it is to defend the wrong.

If he is refusing to see or hear what everybody is complaining about he should go on defending them till reality catches up with him and his friends.

As I said the ostrich buries its head in the sand thinking its hiding from everyone forgetting that his entire body including his butt is been seen by everyone.

This is the time for all right owners to stand up and fight for the legal and proper structures to be put in place so as to stop the hawks from continuously eating their fowls. A word to a wise…..

By Enock Agyepong, Manager of Akesifour


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