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Genevieve Nnaji makes a good comparison of successful and unsuccessful people

Genevieve NnajiHow things happen in life and the path of life varies for different individuals.

But what is success and what are the traits that successful and unsuccessful people have? Genevieve had a take on the question and came up with this analysis:

– Successful people have a good sense of gratitude whereas unsuccessful people have a sense of entitlement
– Successful people compliment. Unsuccessful people like to criticize
– Successful people tend to forgive others. Unsuccessful people mostly like to hold grudge.
– Successful people give others credit for their victories. Unsuccessful people take all credit for their victories
– Successful people accept responsibility for their failures. Unsuccessful people blame others for it
– Successful people read every day to learn new things. Unsuccessful people watch TV everyday
– Successful people keep a journal of activities. Unsuccessful people say they keep a journal but really don’t
– Successful people share information and data. Unsuccessful people hold information and data
– Successful people operate from a transformational perspective. Unsuccessful people operate from a transactional perspective
– Successful people embrace change. Unsuccessful people fear change
– Successful want others to succeed. Unsuccessful people secretly hope others fail.

The comparison seems very interesting. What do you think?

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