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Funny reasons: TMA ban Adom FM ‘TemaFest’

TMA ban Adom FM ‘TemaFest’

By Vincent Kubi, Tema

The TEMA Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) has banned the celebration of the famous Adom FM’s carnival dubbed TemaFest within its metropolis.

TemaFest is an outdoor event organised by the Multimedia Group on December 26 for thousands of fans and music enthusiasts.

TemaFest is an all-day event which is usually characterised by games in the morning and a big jam in the evening, which runs into the wee hours of the next day.

Last year, the music festival, organised by Adom FM was reported to have recorded a lot of rape and robbery cases, perpetrated by miscreants who took advantage of the programme to attack innocent residents in the area during midnight.

Romeo Akahoho, presiding member of TMA issued the ban at a town hall meeting organised by the TMA to bring governance closer to the residents in Tema.

The residents made an appeal to the TMA to stop the entertainment show because of the high crime rate that is recorded anytime the activity was organised.

“Two years ago when Adom Fm wanted to organise the programme in Tema, they did inform TMA and we gave them the permission but last year they took us by surprise to organise the programme without informing MUSEC and the Assembly.”

“This year it won’t happen and TemaFest would not take place again in Tema because of the incidences associated with it. TMA will not allow it.”

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