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The ministry of education has release a notice assuring parents and guardians that no child qualified to be placed in a public senior high school will be left behind.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh also hinted the deadline for accessing the internet to complete the computerized school selection placement(CSSPS) process has been extended to the end of September 2017.

After the announcement and commencement of the free SHS initiative. A large number of parents have come out to testify that their wards have been admitted into various public senior high schools without paying a penny.

However, some parents and guardians have expressed worry concerning the posting process and accommodation for their wards.

In some parts of the central region, parents alleged students were admitted as day students and parents were told to rent an apartment in the towns since the dormitories were fully occupied.

The situation got some parents ranting on radio about the entire process.

Some head teachers that also did not observe the laid down procedures got fired. An incident that also gave cue to some social commentators and legal practitioners to start a discus, asking government to reconsider her decision and punishment.

On the other hand, the populace have sang songs congratulating the current NPP administration for a good work done. However, some leading members of the opposition NDC party have kicked against the initiative saying it won’t last the test of time and would soon collapse.

*Timely Relief*

In the past, parents considered distance, region and type of schools they wanted their wards to go because it all depended on their income.

But today, accessing Senior High School education has been made free, so no matter the distance or region one’s ward is posted to, they have no choice than to go claim the golden spot for their wards.


The current Education Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh is assuring all qualified children will receive placement.

*Free SHS* is here but has it really come to stay?

By: Listowell Acquaye | Ghanagist

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