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Frank Artus goes nude in new movie! WATCH the movie here

Frank Artus

Frank Artus

Actor, Frank Artus who is perennially based in Nigeria is known for his daring ability to blend into any role his script demands, even if that script prescribes Artus goes all bare in his birthday suit.

He has done a few of raunchy soft porn movies, giving his character a graphic personality.

But this new film where Frank is baring it all again has nothing of soft porn in it, it is an occultic movie where the actor was stripped naked and dragged all over the floor as a punishment of sort. In the film ‘Order of the Ring’, the actor was pictured running stark naked while he tried to hide his genitals with his hands.

The movie is produced by Chimezie Emelionwu and directed by Don Steve Anuka. Other stars in the movie  include Clem Ohameze, Oge Okoye, Esther Audu, among others.

Click here to watch the movie

Credit: Vanguard NGR

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