For Real? President Mahama’s love for Lumba’s song is an insult to Ghanaians

President Mahama

President Mahama

Good songs really pay, especially when they touch people’s hearts and hook them on the beat for several hours.

But when a political party, in fact, a governing party adopts such songs, then it raises a few eyebrows and questions asked regarding the song’s specific role in governance.

This is exactly what is on the minds of some critics of the ruling National Democratic Congress, particularly the Managing Editor of the Daily Searchlight newspaper.

Contributing to a panel discussion on Oman FM, Ken Kuranchie, Managing Editor of the Daily Searchlight, sought to find out the reported interest of President John Dramani Mahama in Daddy Lumba’s latest song,” Yentie Obiaa”.

“Yentie Obiaa” in the local parlance suggests “a person who wouldn’t listen to anybody.”

Speaking in relation to reports that President John Mahama made specific requests for the song to be played for him during his tour of the Ashanti Region, Ken Kuranchie believes the President’s action is a deliberate affront to Ghanaians.

According to him, President John Mahama swore an oath to be at the service of Ghanaians but the lyrical content of that particular song he played during the tour repudiates his oath.

Ken Kuranchie was of the view that the President played the song to give an impression to Ghanaians that he won’t “listen” to them despite their cries of an unbearable economic situation.

“….the president is mandated by law to be accountable to the citizenry therefore his (Mahama’s) new fondness for “Yentie Obiaa” is nothing but an insult and a cheeky response to what Ghanaians are going through now.”

“Why won’t you listen to anybody?…President Mahama has no respect for anybody. In any case, as President, you’re mandated to listen, whether good or bad.”

“We’re helping the President to govern the nation well. We’re assisting John Dramani Mahama to govern accountably and to govern properly,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Kumasi Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kojo Bonsu has confirmed reports that Daddy Lumba’s latest track will be the official campaign song for the ruling NDC.

“They are saying we have done nothing, they say we are dissipating state coffers…using the money to chase after women but we don’t care, we will not give listening ears to anyone, they can say whatever they want, we will do what we are doing,” the Mayor stated during a Family meeting at his official residence.

Listen to the song

Source: peacefmonline

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