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FlowKing Stone is “Too Strong”

Flowking Stone

Flowking Stone

It is without doubt Flow is strong like torrents. Sarkodie admits he listens to him and Okyeame Kwame says he is full of energy. With his latest track, Stone stands tall like Burj Khalifa.

Too Strong sums up the rapper’s skills and circumstances he had faced when his brother got ill. Well, Kunta Kinte is better now, at least, enough to still keep his fans in mind, at heart and extend regards.

Too Strong features Ryan and Lil Shaker, and it comes off FlowKing’s upcoming solo album Gifted. It reveals Bradez intention of releasing an upcoming album soon, which, obviously is to show that the group has not split.

Too Strong tells listeners that Stone had had to move on and run with the storm when his brother had stroke. That is how come the hype of the group, Bradez, dropped.

They had no mainstream hit in order to compete with other artistes; a sure way of getting media attention everywhere.

This is an artiste trying to make a hit and build the group Bradez in the absence of his brother in the Music industry. Then he eventually doubles as an artiste and a professional biochemist.

But how he is able to deal with music, Too Strong builds an understanding that colleague artistes would not feature Stone or Stone feature them for a reason Stone is probably yet to say something about.

The following stands to reason that the Ghana Music Industry must be structured to cater for all musicians; be in a group or solo as well as upcoming artistes. I would make money if I were in the United States of America.

I may just have to write some good lines, get a really good hook a nice melody and a catchy title. Popularity does not really count because as far as I have it on iTunes and other platforms, I just have to push it enough to get more than a few dollars and play shows instead.

I don’t even need to get signed. Too Strong states the rapper Stone wasn’t allowed to play shows because he was told one person does not make up a group. That is the reality on ground needless to mention examples. But Stone had to prove to the organizers that his music prowess could do better like two people combined.

Too Strong must go into records as one of the finest. Talk about style of music. Opening lines are important in especially rap music. Complex Magazine backs this with the view that Opening lines have to make you love whatever it is the artiste is about to finish up before they even do it.  Stone opens the first verse reporting on the current condition of his brother and the next step for Bradez. He is able to address doubts that the group will resurface with just the first line and draw attention onto his talent and profession in the second line. The third and subsequent lines of the first verse will let listeners know that everything said indicates that Stone has been Too Strong in times of hardship.

Too Strong incorporates internal and end rhymes. Delivery as part of performance in rap music is very important and in this vocal presence, breath-control, and accent counts. Stone is able to get his words out clear and really strong at least communicating that he is indeed strong with energy. The third verse is gaining much attention especially because of how Stone delivers that rap.

Has this song any impact on listeners? Anyway, available comments on music streaming websites go in favour of it. What is left is constant play on radio and a music video from stone to this track because indeed FlowKing Stone Is Too Strong.


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