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Fixing Water-Pump Woes

Across Ghana, thousands of rural people are forced to risk their health by drinking contaminated water. Livestock and people can be found bathing and drinking from the only available water source.

Most rural villages are equipped with water pumps, but 30 percent of pumps in Ghana remain broken down. A local business, SkyFox, is helping to get all broken down pumps repaired over the next 2 years.

SkyFox is equipping Area Mechanics with the tools, technology, and logistics to ensure communities have clean water by repairing broken boreholes in under three days’ time. A major obstacle for Area Mechanics is finding the spare parts needed locally. When items can be found locally, often times the price is much higher than it is in major cities like Accra and Kumasi.

SkyFox developed a mobile phone technology which Area Mechanics in multiple regions are currently trained to use to order the parts they need. SkyFox pays for the parts to be sent anywhere in the country at no cost within 48 hours of the order being paid for. Area Mechanics also earn a commission on all of their purchases. SkyFox is working to build the capacity of communities to ensure money is ready to pay for future repairs needed.

Area Mechanics have been thrilled with the new service SkyFox provides. Earlier this month, Tuliku from Upper West used the SkyFox’s technology to order a small part for an Afridev hand pump. SkyFox spoke with him and within 24 hours the part was delivered to him in WA. He was very excited upon receiving the part and said, “I received the part in a very good condition this morning and am happy, this system really works!”water-shortages-in-middle-east

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