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Tsatsu Tsikata

Tsatsu Tsikata

There has been a lot of talk in many circles about economic and productivity loss to this country due to the live broadcast of the election petition brought by the NPP against the Electoral Commission and President John Mahama.

According to a Joy FM report, the stations that carry the show live may be losing as much as GHc50,000 daily of advertising revenue they could have gained.

Although how that assessment could be close to the fact is a matter for people to believe, but as every economics student would attest, there is an opportunity cost to every decision made and therefore the decision to show the proceedings live means something has to give.

However, in my humble view, if there is any benefit to gain from the decision by the court to allow live broadcast and the concomitant acquiescence by the likes of GTV, TV3 and Metro TV to carry it, then it has to be the fact that some of us for the first time have had the privilege to see Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata perform in a courtroom setting.

For over three decades and for as long as I can remember, it had been said again and over again that Tsatsu Tsikata is one of the brightest (if not the brightest) lawyers Ghana has ever produced.

It had been said he was a delight to watch when he is prowling the courtroom making an argument or cross-examining a witness.

Thus many, including my humble self, were curious to see this man and to know if the legend of his legal astuteness was real or contrived to make him look bigger, brighter and above all else an immortal in dark art of the law.

Thus when on Monday morning the lead counsel of the Electoral Commission, Mr. Quarshie-Idun had completed his cross-examination of the NPP’s witness-in-chief Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and Tsatsu Tsikata stood up it was an opportunity to break that three-decade-long myth.

Then the NPP’s lead counsel Mr. Addison stood up to object to Tsatsu Tsikata’s cross-examination of their witness arguing that since the NDC had joined President Mahama in the case the cross-examination by his lead counsel Mr Tony Lithur was for both parties.

At that point, you could feel a lot of people groaning about the thought of missing the opportunity to see Tsatsu at work. Indeed I was of the hope that the Lord Justices of the Supreme Court would overrule the objection just for the fact that this generation has to see Tsatsu once and for all.

Thankfully Mr. Justice Atugubah spoke for his colleague judges to overrule the objection and gave Mr. Tsikata the floor to display his legal prowess not only to the judges and the others in the courtroom but most importantly to the many Ghanaians watching from their homes and offices.

There was a lot of hype preceding this “Tsatsu Show” as some of the people on the NDC side had purported that Tsatsu would tear Bawumia to pieces and some on the NPP side said he was going to meet his match in their star witness. The neutral had hoped for a good show!

So it was that for most part of the day this top lawyer and the top economist engaged in a battle of wits and lot more than that. For me it was important that young people watching would know and appreciate the need for education. Those two gentlemen distinguished themselves very well because they had a grasp of their respective areas of specialty and a good testimony for good education.


I had a very interesting journey over the weekend when I travelled to Kumasi for the wedding of a colleague and friend. Interesting because I would ordinarily have gone by bus or by air but I chose to drive this time.

I am very much aware of the nature of the road between Nsawam and Suhum where your most cherished and brand new shock-absorbers could snap in many pieces, soak up your filters with dirt or any other myriad of things could happen to your vehicle and leave you there to the mercy of whichever Good Samaritan passes by.

It is due to this especially that driving to Kumasi had not been very enticing to me. However, when I decided to go anyway I was advised to use the Koforidua side of town and go through Tafo, New Tafo, Kukurantumi to Bunsu then continue. It’s a longer road but a good one.

As it happened it ended up for me a very good journey especially around the Kwahu stretch where a new first class road has been contructed that takes you away from Nkawkaw over some hills and valleys till you get close to Dadieso. Amazing journey for me while I was going on Saturday and when I was returning on Sunday!

As an ardent football fan one of things I look for when I am on the road is which station is running commentary on whatever match is being played and one of the stations that gives me that comfort especially with the English Premier League is Citi FM. My worry was if Citi FM’s signals will carry me that far.

Thankfully I was locked into the station for all the major matches on which commentary were ran till I lost the signal. I am talking about going as far as beyond the Kwahu area and for me that was very interesting thing to note.

When I left Citi FM I scanned other stations so I could choose which one I wanted and thankfully it fell on Koforidua-based Sunrise Radio. The presenter who said the programme was called Adadam Special sounded like an elderly person who has seen it all in the area of highlife music.

His song selection was fantastic but more importantly was his insight about the songs he played and the knowledge of the history behind why and how a particular song was composed. He came across as a repository of knowledge and a person that those seeking to understand highlife history of this country can consult. The show ended at 6pm when they went for the GBC News.

Now I was getting close to my destination and I scanned again. I got a station discussing entertainment on 93.3FM and I stayed on for only a while to realise it’s not my kind of show and when I scanned again it fell on a station playing some good R&B music.

I found out that the station was called Ultimate Radio. To be honest, it was a station after my heart and I got locked on it throughout my 24 hour   stay in the Garden City.  Their songs were good and most of the time that I listened in the evening, in the morning and afternoon there was more music and less talk.

When I was leaving Kumasi I scanned again to know which station would possibly carry the commentary of the match between Arsenal and Manchester United and thankfully the BBC through Joy FM was running commentary on Luv FM so I got locked there.

Later I would know about the results in the MTN FA Cup matches through the same station and when that was over I scanned again looking for a good music station but I didn’t. I therefore slotted my Handle’s Messiah CD and soaked the classical till all songs were digested.

After this I scanned again and I chose Hitz FM and it was one of the best decisions I made. DJ Saviola, as his personal jingle kept saying, took me to another level with his choice of gospel music. Every single big name gospel artiste from the past had a song or two played by this DJ.

I heard songs from Naana and Dan, Yaw Sarpong, Abaawa Connie, Helena Rabbles, Diana Akiwumi (as she was then known), Tagoe Sisters, Suzie and Mat, Daughters of Glorious Jesus and a host of others you can think of. By the time I had completed the four hour journey and arrived in Accra I have listened to some of the best vintage gospel music selection you can imagine.

So you can see I had a wonderful journey last weekend thanks to  the company of good radio stations and presenters on my way to Kumasi, in Kumasi and on my return journey to Accra. I will do this again and your station better be good for my listening.

By  Francis Doku


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