Fennec Okyere’s home still empty; 6 months after his death

Before his gruesome murder, positive news characterized the lifestyle of Fennec Okyere as manager of the industrious career of Kwaw Kesse, Head of MadTime Entertainment and Overseer of the Accra International Centre, Dome, among other stewardship.

After his demise, negativity has shrouded his name; his wife’s supposed grudge with his family, the inability of the Police to find his killers and the wife’s rejection of gifts from his family.

‘Razz’ investigations reveal that the home of Fennec Okyere is still unoccupied, close to six months after he was murdered in the premise on March 13, 2014.

After the funeral service held at the forecourt of the Trade Fair Centre, La-Accra on Saturday, April 26, 2014, members of his family are said to have rejected the idea of occupying the 3-bedroom storey building situated at Manet Gardens on the Spintex Road.

They claim; they cannot stay in the house because of the horrible memories attached to it.

Further investigations also proved that, the family heads have tried to rent the house to interested persons but surprisingly, the many people who come to inquire about the house lose interest after a while, leaving the beautiful building unoccupied.

Razz Newspaper found out that some people staying at the vicinity have been telling the stories of the murder to potential renters of the house, thereby scaring them from pursuing their intentions of occupying the house. Presently, the house is being managed by a caretaker.

Razz Newspaper got in touch with one of his close pals, Eugene Osafo Nkansah, who confirmed the news of the house being empty, months after his friend was murdered.

“I have visited both the mother and the wife, together with his son and they are all doing well. They are only hoping that the police arrest his killers,” he said.

He also stated that the mother is still heartbroken over his son’s murder and weeps for days anytime she sees some of his friends.”

“Anytime I call his mother to check up on her or anytime she sees Fennec’s friends including me and the likes of Kwaw Kesse she breaks down and cries for days,” Eugene added.

Fennec’s Uncle declined to talk to Razz Newspaper.

Source: Razz Newspaper

Fennec Okyere

Fennec Okyere

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