Featured Video: Can this ever happen on our talent shows?

They are called the Shadow Theatre of Attraction from Hungary and they stunned the world when they came on Britain Got Talent’s stage in 2013.

This featured video is the audition clip of the group and it’s been on social media for months with more than 29 million views on Youtube and an almost equal proportion of Facebook shares, yet every returning viewer is constantly gripped by the power of this performance. It never fades.

Shadow Theatre of AttractionThey remain a stark reminder of what talent shows especially in Nigeria should hopefully look like; the kind of rare talent judges should look out for and what show organisers should be technologically prepared to undertake.

The Shadow Theatre of Attraction went on to win the Britain Got Talent competition for 2013 with a remarkable climax. Many have already adjudged them the best talent show winners ever as their remarkable performance continues to reverberate social media. They sit pretty today as our featured video of the day.

Can this ever happen on our talent shows?

Culled from Vanguard NGR

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