Feature: Which girls are hotter? Rubies or Diamonds

A debate seems to be in full steam amongst our viewers, the topic at hand being which ladies are hotter: the Rubies or the Diamonds.

With the likes of Dillish, Betty, Feza, Motamma, Fatima and Annabel in the Diamond House, one can see why they stand to be tough competition for the Ruby chicks, Maria, Selly, Natasha, Beverly, Pokello, Cleo and Koketso.
The Chase has presented quite a variety of Africa’s finest women who are not just beauties but are filled with massive intellect as well. This is visible through their strategy of the game, the way they carry themselves in the Houses and of course, their physical appearances.
One would ask why Betty has settled on being with Sierre Leonean hunk, Bolt in the Diamond House and Why Koketso has set her eyes on Uganda’s LK4. Is it all real or are the women merely playing a hand that’s dealt to them?
Which girls do it for you as an audience and why?
By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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