Feature: Selly, a force to be reckoned with

SellyThe Chase has been going on for three weeks now and we can’t help but admire the way some of our Housemates have plotted and planned to prolong their stay in the Houses.

We initially focused a lot on the ‘male strategy’ and we were blinded to the force and power behind the women in these Houses.

One girl who has been interesting to watch, from her unforeseen strategies to the way she handles her fellow Ruby Housemates, is none other than Ghanaian vixen, Selly.

When the show started, Selly was nothing more than a shy girl who kept to herself most of the time and hardly exchanged two words with any of the then strangers of the Ruby House.

Now she stands as HoH and has effectively used this power to make sure that her plans are executed without fail. Her most controversial move to date as far as Evictions are concerned was when she threw Koketso under the bus while saving Biguesas from Eviction last week. Then of course she felt bad about it afterwards because most Housemates liked the hook up LK4 and Koketso had going. But she soon got over that when Natasha assured her she made the right decision.

This week Selly shocked everyone again when she didn’t save her buddy-o-pal Pokello from Evictions but instead chose to save hunky Botswanan Oneal. The plan here might seem obvious but I’m sure Selly has something different up her sleeve. She is definitely keeping us in suspense and at the edge of our seats. There’s a lot to be appreciated from this young woman.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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