FashionistaGH talks online commercialization ahead of #fghshop Festival this Saturday


FashionistaGH and representatives from the Google country office and FIESTA TV respectively have shared their views on how Ghana can take full advantage of the growing popularity of social media.

All three were guests on a special discussion segment on JOY FM’s Super Morning Show on Friday.

The discussion explored the commercial options of the video sharing website YouTube, which has seen an upward surge in user subscription in Ghana for some time now.

Ob Abenser, head at FashionistaGH, organizers of the annual #fghshop fashion and design shopping festival reiterated the importance Youtube plays in the dissemination of timely content, in a fashion that also allows his outfit, to share with the rest of the world, what they have to offer.

YouTube he said gives FashionistaGH the kind of reach and presence that opens up the work they do, to a global audience, some of whom have since stuck to it’s culture.

FashionistaGH, the most preferred destination for short fashion films, documentaries and teasers, he said has helped in making content that would have otherwise been hard to get, readily available to the online community.

The other guests expressed similar views.

This year’s #fghshop shopping festival takes place from March 30 to April 1. The organizers say it is going to be the most exciting three days in Easter.

#fghshop is proudly sponsored by MTN.


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