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HOLLYWOOD CLOSE UP: Hollywood Close Up is a series of short in-depth looks into the lives and careers of some of Hollywood’s biggest names. From Denzel Washington to Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez; this series invites you to peek into the life of your favourite actors, actresses and directors. With interviews from the stars themselves as well as their co-stars and friends, tune in to get a different side of Hollywood’s leading men and women.(GOtv: Wednesdays at 20:00 CAT) 


FASHION POLICE: The next time you fantasise about being a famous celebrity, remember the downside known as Joan Rivers. The legendary comedienne showcases her uniquely hilarious and biting point of view as she presents an insider’s guide to all the weekly celebrity news, gossip, fashion hits and funniest fashion misses. Joined by a panel of celebrities and fashion analysts, Joan dissects the latest red carpet wins and losses and decides what is hot and what is not. This season also sees her backstage at fashion events and handing out brutally honest fashion advice to hapless celebrities. Everyone has something to say about these celebrities’ misguided fashion choice, and Joan Rivers isn’t holding back. (GOtv: Saturdays at 22:00 CAT)


JERSEYLICIOUS: New Jersey’s Gatsby Salon has recently undergone a multi-million dollar transformation and owner Gayle Giacomo is all set to make her mark on the world of fashion and beauty. With a team of hairdressers and make-up artists battling big hair and even bigger personalities, everyone has attitude to spare. See the Gatsby staff juggle their often-intertwining personal and professional lives in this always-chaotic and dramatic workplace. Follow your favourite stylists who battle inside and outside work to be the best; and how their clashes almost derail their plans of success. (GOtv: Tuesdays at 21:10 CAT).


REPO GAMES: Imagine waking up to the sound of a knock on your door and when you ask who it is, the guests announce that they are repo men and are about to repossess your car. But they come with an interesting offer: if you can answer three out of five questions, your car will be paid off and it will be yours to keep forever. This reality series features some excellent comic moments as owners desperately try to quiz, riddle, debate and wrangle their way out of trouble – with hysterical results. Tune in to Repo Games to see real-life repossession professionals Josh Lewis and Tom DeTone offer this challenge to desperate debtors and the funny and comic results that follow. (GOtv: starts Wednesday, 01 May at 22:00 CAT, and continues Wednesdays at 22:00 CAT) 


HANNIBAL (Series Premiere): Cannibalism. Murder. Trickery and mind games. These are some of things to expect in this highly anticipated original series based on the Oscar-winning movie, Silence of the Lambs and its prequel Red Dragon. Starring Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen and Laurence Fishburne, Hannibal explores the early relationship between renowned psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter and gifted FBI criminal profiler, Will Graham. Will is a brilliant and empathic FBI profiler who is able to mentally re-trace the twisted thoughts and methods of the agency’s most wanted serial killers. He has the uncanny ability to see into the minds of evil and his heightened intuition is harnessed by his boss and mentor Jack Crawford. Jack encourages a working relationship between Dr. Lecter and Will, and so begins masterful mind games set against the contrasting worlds of good and evil, and where nothing is what it seems. (GOtv: Tuesdays at 20:55 CAT)

FOOLS RUSH IN: Starring Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek, Fools Rush In is a starry-eyed comedy about the culture-clash and its impact on love. Overtaken by lust at first sight, Alex and Isabel spend the night together and go on with their separate lives the following day. However, when the two meet again three months later, Isabel is pregnant and they decide to get married. With nothing in common but a new baby; in-laws that meddle and very different personalities, Alex and Isabel try to juggle their new life together while learning how to “fall in love” over time. Fools Rush In is an endearing romantic comedy about making unexpected love last forever. (GOtv: Saturday, 04 May at 20:00 CAT)


SHOOTFIGHTER 1: Shingo is the world’s Shootfighter champion – a deadly, no-holds barred competition where only one man leaves the ring alive. Nick and Ruben are two of Shingo’s prized students and he hopes that one day they will take his place as Shootfighter champions. But throughout his successful years in the competition, Shingo has made some enemies and one of them is the evil Mr. Lee who has a personal grudge against him. Mr. Lee tricks Nick and Ruben into participating in the tournament before they are prepared for the challenges that await them – testing them to the ultimate limit and forcing them to remember their training, courage and ambitions of being champions. (GOtv: Friday, 03 May at 19:00 CAT; Sunday 05 May at 13:00 CAT) 


SONIC UNDERGROUND: Sonic and his siblings, Manic and Sonia, are on a mission. The trio form the rock band Sonic Underground and also want to restore peace to Mobius and find their mother. In their search for their mother, they must also defeat the evil Dr. Robotnik and his sidekick, keep their fans happy and also trust one another to accomplish their quest. Will their determination and bond be enough, or will they need a little bit of help to fulfil their mission? Join KidsCo every weekend for double episodes of this speedy trio to find out! (GOtv: Weekdays at 07:30, 12:45 and 16:35 CAT).  


It has been the season of great upsets… Especially in the UEFA Champions League. With Bayern Munich beating Barcelona a dizzying 4-0 in the last week of April, the hopes of an all-Spanish final in the UEFA are fading. Bayern Munich practically booked their place in the final with an astonishing display of tactics, skills, speed and accuracy. On the 01st May at 20:00 CAT, Barcelona and Bayern Munich will meet again in the 02nd Leg of their semi-final bout of the UEFA Champions League. It’s almost impossible to imagine the Catalans bouncing back from such an enormous thrashing from the Germans – but Barcelona is a team known to bring about magic and miracles on the football pitch – so make sure you don’t miss this one.

Catch action from the UEFA Europa League when Chelsea takes on Basel. Chelsea are the first Champions League holders to be eliminated at group stage the following season, will face the Swiss champions at Stamford Bridge on 02nd May at 21:00 CAT. Chelsea look set to win successive European competitions but Basel has already beaten one Premier League side and will be a strong challenge for The Blues. 

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