Fashion Bloggers, Adventures of Disney Fairies, Best of the Kardashians and more on GOtv this week

Sofia the first: Holiday In Enchancia Wed, 24 Dec 11:35AM GMT Disney Junior 60

On Wednesday 24 December at 11:35AM GMT kids can catch the latest episode of Sofia The First on Disney Junior. While on holiday at the King’s Floating Palace Sofia meets and befriends a mermaid!

Broken Angel Wed, 24 Dec 4:00PM GMT Telemundo 13

Franco forces Begoña to call Santa and tell her she needs to see her urgently at the house. Ivan buys a property for him and Victoria.

Premieres weekdays at 4pm on Telemundo.

Adventures of Disney Fairies Thu, 25 Dec 10:25AM GMT Disney Junior 60

Tinkerbell and her frolic of Fairies are waiting to whisk you away in high-octane adventures.

Dial into the Disney Junior from 10:25AM GMT Thursday 25 December to watch awesome episodes of Adventures of The Disney Fairies.

Monster-in-Law Thu, 25 Dec 8:00PM GMT SONY 21

Charlie Cantilini played by Jennifer Lopez, bounces through life in L.A., she refuses to settle down, or limit her options, until she meets Kevin played by Michael Vartan, the man of her dreams, who then proposes.

Everything is fine until she meets Kevin’s mother Viola played by Jane Fonda, a Jane Paulie-esque television journalist who has lost her long time job and is determined not to lose anything else, especially her only son. On Sony Entertainment Television, channel 21 at 8:00PM GMT CAT on 25 December

Best of the Kardashians Fri, 26 Dec 8:30AM GMT E! Entertainment Television 25

E! puts a dash of the Kardashian spirit into the holidays with an exclusive marathon featuring a collection of viewers’ favourite episodes.

Curl up on the couch and experience all the glamour and drama possible, as America’s most famous celebrity family continues to amuse, entertain and fascinate.

From disastrous housewarming parties and Fourth of July relationship dramas to a seasonal special with extravagant shopping sprees, presents and the famous annual family photo, this marathon promises to be everything you want – and more!

Catch the Kardashians E! Entertainment, channel 25 from 8:30AM GMT on 26 December

Head To Head Fri, 26 Dec 6:00PM GMT Al Jazeera 40

Legendary economist Arthur Laffer is taken to task on questions regarding economic growth, market regulation and how to tackle inequality, now considered one of the greatest threats to the global economy.

As the father of supply-side economics and a former advisor to both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, Laffer has been influencing economic policy for decades, and the Laffer Curve became one of the guiding principles of “Reaganomics”.

But can tax cuts really raise tax revenues? Is less regulation the key to economic growth? What have been the consequences of neo-liberal ideas in the developing world? And why does Laffer oppose the minimum wage?

Culture List Sun, 28 Dec 4:00PM GMT BET 22

The lifestyle series Culture List returns for a brand new season, putting the spotlight on the hottest trends in fashion, fitness, music, food and technology with special insight from experts and celebrity guests. The show is hosted by, two-time GRAMMY® award-winning R&B singer, Letoya Luckett.

The ten-episode series features exclusive interviews with today’s most buzz worthy celebrities and exclusively looks at the latest and greatest spoils of urban tastemakers — including local hotspots, tech gadgets, health tips, film premieres, recreation and fashion.

Catch it  on BET, channel 22 every Sunday at 4:00PM GMT

SpongeBob SquarePants Mon, 29 Dec 8:10AM GMT Nickelodeon 62

Dive into the magical world of Bikini Bottom on Monday 29 December at 8:10AM GMT on Nickelodeon to join SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward and Mr Krabz as they go about their lives on the seabed. These cool characters will have you in stitches so make sure you don’t miss out.

Calimero Tue, 30 Dec 6:00PM GMT Disney Junior 60

Born into a family full of yellow chickens, Calimero is the black sheep of the bunch. The jet-black chicken still wears half of his shell on his head and he loves to solve mysteries, make documentaries and go in search of adventure which usually lands him and his friends in trouble.

Urban Jungle Wed, 31 Dec 4:00PM GMT Nat Geo Wild 51

In Urban Jungle, big cat tracker Boone Smith takes viewers on a harrowing journey to the places we once counted as our own- but have since gone to the wild.

He ventures deep into the heart of some of the most crowded cities on the planet, travels to suburbs and towns, and voyages to the very edges of Earth, all to uncover a hidden world where predators and prey collide.

All over the planet, a new wilderness is rising- and it’s just outside your door.

Adventures of the Gummi Bears Thu, 01 Jan 1:30PM GMT Disney Junior

Tune in to Disney Junior at 1:30PM GMT on Thursday 1 January to watch The Adventures of the Gummi Bears. Kids can expect some of the cutest and cuddliest critters to face treacherous situations as they battle Duke Igthor and his ogres.

Jake & The Neverland Pirates Sun, 04 Jan 1:45PM GMT Disney Junior 60

This musical treasure hunt follows Jake and his crew of kid pirates- Izzy and Cubby- who take on adventures emphasizing team work.

Fashion Bloggers Sun, 04 Jan 8:00PM GMT E! Entertainment Television 25

Discover the hottest trends in fashion, beauty and entertainment with an exclusive new reality series that features a sneak peek into the lives of Australia’s top lifestyle bloggers.

From a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how they put their posts together, via how they style their “outfit of the day”, and onto their personal lives and the unglamorous side of success – discover how these women went from blogging about what they love to become mini-celebrities at the cutting edge of fashion trends.


Friday 26 December, 2014
Football League Championship , Watford v Wolves —  19:25 on SL2G LIVE
Football League Championship , Watford v Wolves —  19:25 on SSL2 LIVE

Sunday 28 December, 2014
Barclays Premier League , Matchday 19: West Ham United v Arsenal —  16:50 on SL2G LIVE
Barclays Premier League , Matchday 19: West Ham United v Arsenal —  16:50 on SSL2 LIVE GOtv

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