Facebook Wants To Help Hillary Clinton To Defeat Donald Trump With $20 Million

With few months to the US Elections, Co-founder of Facebook and Asana, Dustin Moskovitz has announcedthat he intends giving $20 Million to help the Democrats and Hillary to defeat the Republicans and Donald Trump.

“I just published “Compelled to Act” https://medium.com/@moskov/compelled-to-act-1413930041ee#.vr269unjz … We’re committing $20M to help Democrats in the 2016 election,” he tweeted.

According to him, the Republican nominee Donald Trump is “running on a zero-sum vision and that his attempts to woo economically disenfranchised voters “are quite possibly a deliberate con, an attempt to rally energy and support without the ability or intention to deliver.”

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

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