F.B.S. and the stolen phone at Etv? What really happened?

At a time when most of the secular artistes are lending their support to Samini after the release of his song ‘’azonto’’, in a bid to let P Square know that they can’t ‘’steal’’ Ghana’s azonto and rebrand it as alingo, the multi talented group, FBS has made it categorically clear that they are the originators and owners of the dance form called azonto.

According to FBS, the oluman boogie, pay as you go, my paddy and kill somebody hitmakers, they started doing the azonto so many years back just that they made the mistake of not naming or branding it. The FBS guys made the declaration when they appeared on ETV’S LATE NITE CELEBRITY on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 which was hosted by DJ Flexy.

This assertion by FBS is likely to cause some uproar on the music scene as to who exactly should be credited with the introduction and branding of the azonto dance even though its widely believed that the azonto dance was started by students in the Senior High Schools and even gained its roots there before it became popular on the Ghanaian music scene.

Touching on the Chris Brown weed spectacle, one of the members of the group FBS, Najo noted that he believes Chris Brown really smoked weed on stage but what erupted his attention was his declaration that smoking of weed was normal. Is that to mean that he smokes wee? Was it necessary for him to have said that?

During their interview on ETV’S LATE NITE CELEBRITY, something quite unusual also happened. A mobile phone in the pocket of Najo kept ringing. Initially, Najo brought out two phones from his pocket and wondered how a call could come through when the phones were off. Once again, the mobile phone rang and this time around when Najo checked his pocket, he realized that the mobile phone of the make up artiste for ETV’S LATE NITE CELEBRITY had found its way into his pocket.

He might have ‘’pocketed’’ the phone because it looked exactly like one of his phones but it was quite an embarrassing sight as many viewers would think that Najo really stole the phone. As to whether the phone got into his pocket by mistake or he intentionally stole it, I wouldn’t say much about that.

Frankly enough, FBS needs to be congratulated for their contribution towards the music scene even though one of its members (name not readily coming to mind) suddenly left the other members at a nightclub under the pretence of going home, only to call them later to inform them that he was in London.

Source: FlexGhana.com

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