Elikem to Beverly: Make the right choice #BBATheChase

Beverly was in a good mood this morning talking to Elikem about the Evicted Housemates she’s looking forward to seeing at the finale. She said she couldn’t wait to see Hakeem, Bassey, LK4 and Sulu.

But the conversation took on a serious tone when Elikem asked her about Angelo. “Ah he is with me everywhere,” she said. “Angelo is with me forever.”

Elikem called her back into the bathroom for a quick frank discussion. “It’s not that I’m hating or anything, but I’m just saying,” he tells her.

The Ghanaian designer went on to warn Beverly about making the right choice once The Chase is over. He wants her to carefully consider her hopes for a long-term relationship with Angelo as he may not have the same plans and was also worried about their age difference.

“Make the right choice. Open your eyes that’s all,” he said.

He then reassured her that their relationship could work regardless of their 15-year age difference. “Sometimes nice things are hidden behind ugly surfaces, like gold,” he told her.

Beverly then quietly walked into the bathroom and sat alone in deep contemplation for a while.

Elikem ended their conversation with: “Do what you gotta do, you’ve been through a lot and you are a big girl.”

Culled from BigBrotherAfrica.dstv.com

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