Elikem tells Pokello: You act like you care about others but in truth all you care about is yourself

Pokello stormed off in a huff following an hour long fight with Elikem.

Uh oh! Looks like there could be trouble in paradise. Following two weeks of flirting and being generally “as thick as thieves” Pokello and Elikem got into a heated spat this evening. Elikem told Pokello “You act like you care about others but in truth all you care about is yourself. You’re being judgmental”, amongst many other loaded statements.

Pokello did not back down either and gave as much as she was given. “I’m giving you my own opinion. As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with voicing out how I feel”, she said.

When Elikem told Pokello “If we go on and I have to keep explaining myself, I’m going to mention certain things that you will not be happy about, so let’s change the subject”, the Zimbabwean decided she had had it with the conversation, stood to her feet, picked up her blanket and walked away in a huff.

An upset Elikem stayed rooted to the spot and didn’t want to talk to anyone. After a while, he found Pokello, who was seething, in the garden and tried to explain himself.

What do you think could have caused such a huge fight?

When you’re mad

Source: BBA

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