Elikem is now a better person #bigbroafrica

The last few Diary sessions were a combo of emotions as the remaining five Housemates spoke to Biggie about their predictions for the week, how they feel about the departure of Angelo and Bimp, and who they think will walk away with the prize money.

Elikem had been so proud of himself when he had his chat with Biggie. He’s been telling everyone willing to listen that he has made history as being the first Ghanaian to have made it this far on Big Brother Africa. When Biggie asked him what he would do if he doesn’t win the money, he simply said that the platform alone has paved so many avenues for him and he intends on venturing every one of them.

“Not everyone has made it to this level in the game and I’m grateful to Africa for having my back,” he said genuinely. Elikem told Biggie that he intends on getting his ex-Housemates together again so they can do things that matter together. He was grateful to have met the likes of Fatima, his girl Pokello and of course country mate Selly.

He further said that his stay in Biggie’s House was great from the first day and he is now looking forward to the end. “I’ll be happy that I was here for the rest of my life and I will motivate other people in my country to audition for BBA,” he said passionately. Elikem admitted that he is now a better person because of his experience on The Chase.

He ended his session by shouting out to his family and country and thanked all of them for having his back throughout his time in Biggie’s House.



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