Elikem: From a tailor to a barber

Elikem is proving to be a man of many talents.

Apart from being smooth with the ladies,Elikem is the king of smoothing out unruly locks. This morning, the sexy Ghanaian showed off his impressive skills with an electric shaver and comb.

First on the barber’s chair was Bassey, whose beard desperately needed a trim. Even though Bassey looked rugged and sexy peeking out of that forest of facial hair, the Sierra Leonean decided he couldn’t go another day without Elikem’s touch.

After being groomed to perfection, it was Fatima’s turn to get some much needed attention. The Malawian sat quiet as a church mouse in her chair as Elikem did his thing. After close to 45 minutes of the loud drone of the shaver, Fatima’s Mohawk had taken on a funky new life of its own.

We wonder what other talents Elikem has.

Talented hands


– By Ngeti Dlamini


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