Elikem, Bimp and Dilish top votes for possible eviction #BBATheChase

Ghana’s remaining housemate and Head of House (HoH) in the Big Brother Africa The Chase received the most nominations for possible eviction this week during Monday’s Nomination Session.

Elikem obtained 5 nominations, Bimp 4, Dillish 2, Cleo, Beverly and Angelo 1 each. None of the housemates nominated Nigerian’s Melvin.

As HoH, Elikem will use the ‘save and replace’ option to save himself and put another housemate for up possible eviction this coming Sunday.

This is how the housemates voted and their reasons.

Beverly Nominates;
1. Cleo because she’s competition.
2. Dillish because she’s most likely to nominate her as well.

Cleo Nominates;
1. Beverly because she’s never been nominated.
2. Elikem because he’s HOH and can save himself.

Dillish Nominates;
1. Bimp because he’s competition.
2. Elikem because he’s HOH and can save himself.

Melvin Nominates;
1. Elikem because he’s HOH and can save himself.
2. Bimp because he believes when Biggie announces the nominees in the evening, his name won’t come up.

Angelo Nominates;
1. Bimp because he’s very competitive.
2. Elikem because he would do anything to win and he’s arrogant too.

Elikem Nominates;
1. Angelo because he’s competition.
2. Bimp because he hates him for what happened to Nando.

Bimp Nominates;
1. Elikem because they hardly get along.
2. Dillish because she’s a threat to his game.

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