Editor of Glitz Magazine Claudia Lumor talks to Lady Sam on 2016 trends

Lady Sam and Glitz editor Claudia meet in East Legon and talk glitz and glamour.

Lady Sam: You are undoubtedly one of Ghana’s heavyweights when it comes to Fashion. You are the editor of the highly profiled glitz magazine so can you tell me what is your background when it comes to fashion?

Claudia: My background is in Economics, Law n banking. Fashion is a passion I turned into a business.

Lady Sam: What a contrast, good decision so how would you describe your style?

Claudia: My style is simple, comfortable, effortless, classy with a little bit of edge.

Lady Sam: On an average day how do you prefer to look?

Claudia: I wear more dresses with heels.

Lady Sam:  Classic and ladylike also I like that.

Claudia: Yes you could say that but don’t forget the edge plus a bit of glitz and glam.

Lady Sam: Ok so what is the most you have ever spent on an item of clothing?

Claudia: Aside from my wedding dress lol…. £550

Lady Sam: I see I guess depending on what it is that is quite pricey anyway moving on – as someone who seems to be ahead in the fashion game what do you think will be in trend in 2016?

Claudia: I think the trends for 2016 will be high slits, midi length dresses/skirts etc..

Lady Sam: Thanks for the heads up so finally what simple fashion advice would you want to leave us with?

Claudia: You should wear the clothes and not the clothes wear you! Know your body shape and what fits. If in doubt, get help or advice.

Claudia Lumor

Claudia Lumor

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