Eddie Nartey: New movie director on the block

Director Eddie Nartey on the set of Family Fun Tim

Director Eddie Nartey on the set of Family Fun Tim

Many actors in show business often find themselves at crossroads where they have to make a choice between venturing into film directing or film production.

While it may be a delight to see actors  direct or produce their own film, actor Eddie Nartey believes it may not be a good idea for actors to rush into producing or directing movies.

When I caught up with the actor now turned director on the set of Family Fun Time at NAFTI Studios, he was almost certain that any rush decision by an actor to venture into directing or production could result into failure. “I defer from the belief that most actors can direct or produce films or television programmes. It’s a different field all together and I do have a passion for it.

“To me and the people who know me well, it’s not amazing that I’m into directing. I used to come to NAFTI to act for student film directors and I always loved to be in those shoes. So when I enrolled into the School of Performing Arts, I did nothing but directing…I’ve done all the acting from the Arts Centre through to National Theatre to the School of Performing Arts. So I was looking for something different which is directing” said the director of the new television game show, Family Fun Time, which is due to air on GTV.

Eddie’s remarks have come at a time when many of the big names in acting are flirting with the idea of directing or producing their own movies. Actor, Kofi Adjorlolo, who is presenter of the yet to be aired television game show, was asked how he felt being directed by his colleague actor, Eddie Nartey. He responded “I’m the type who always encourages the younger ones, especially those who are very ambitious and hardworking who want to attain a higher status. When Eddie told me he was going to direct this show, I actually congratulated him. When he suggested I should be the presenter, I gladly took up the role which I believe he also appreciates what I’ve been doing so far”, he said.

Like the many actors who, at a stage in their career, would consider the possibility of directing, Kofi Adjorlolo disclosed that, he wouldn’t mind directing when the time was right. He was, however, quick to add “some people have said that I’m delaying but I always say to be a good movie director, you need to be very experienced.

“I know the good directors in Hollywood and they’re older guys who have a lot of experience in acting and other aspects of film…it’s better that way sometimes, but then, we need the younger ones to pave the way for the other ones behind them. If the older ones didn’t do it, I think it’s good but I’m also hoping that in the very near future, I will direct and actually come out with a big film”.

Talking more about the Family Fun Time (FFT) television game show, which he was directing, Eddie Nartey disclosed “we’ve realised that most parents don’t have time for their kids. It’s always work or they’re chasing after one thing or another. Some even have househelps taking care of their children so the motherly love isn’t there anymore. This programme is basically to look into that and correct these challenges.

“We want to know how much you know your parents or children…we also want to bring families on one stage to have fun with games like ludo, spider man and many others. We’ve now widened our scope to include friends because family also includes friends and guardians. We want people to realise the little things they’re missing out on when it comes to the family”.

The co-executive producer, who’s also co-presenter of the FFT tv game show, Sheila Boakye Dankwa said “we’re targeting the whole family as our audience…we want a time when you can watch tv with the family and feel part of the whole show. So the program will bring together two families that will compete in our own local games so we can be reminded of our childhood memories…you can imagine a father playing ‘ampe’”.

For his part, the Executive Producer Benjamin Amankwa said his expectations for the program were to promote our culture and games and also to promote family unity. “We’re also looking at helping young children by giving parents the idea that you can save towards your child’s education. We have situations where you play the game and you win a bank account for your child geared towards your child’s education”, he revealed.

Concluding the interview, actor director Eddie Nartey said he wanted audiences to expect nothing but the best. “I want people to judge the program not based on what we should have done correctly, but rather on what we sought to bring to Ghanaian families”, he said.

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