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E-Rock Releases New Song ‘U Be Bossu’ Featuring Nigeria Rapper SamJamz

Gospel artiste, E-Rock has been busy serenading us with soothing music and we’ve enjoyed every bit of it. We appreciate all those great worship songs as well as the head bumping ones, till we almost forgot he’s got a danceable side too.

Guess what? E-Rock is back with an Afro-Pop Gospel song titled “U Be Bossu”, and it’s a banger. Did we just say that? Of course we did! We’ll unapologetically say it over and over again. We bet you’ll agree with us after listening to it.

“U Be Bossu” is a Pidgin Phrase which means “You’re the Boss”. Which boss is he talking about? Of course, we’re taking about the overall boss; Jesus. The song also features prolific Nigeria Rapper, SamJamz.E-Rock - U Be Bossu - artwork

In the song, E-Rock attributes all successes to God.

If you’re really looking for a special time to thank God, then you’re too late. Thanking God is an everyday affair. Well, as you may be aware, your gratitude to God shouldn’t only depend on your current circumstance, time, or convenience. Gratitude is a lifestyle! Now, get your praise on and do a special dance.

Download and Enjoy #UBeBossu

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