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#DumsorMustStop: Yvonne Nelson Talks To BBC Over Current Power Crisis In Ghana

Award winning Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is trending!

The actress in a series of tweets vented her spleen on the current power crisis in Ghana popularly known as Dumsor.

“Ghanaians wake up! We seriously don’t deserve this,” the actress tweeted.

In an interview with BBC World Service Radio on Friday, May 1, 2015, she described as “lies” the explanations by the President John Mahama led government.

#DumsorMustStop: We Seriously Don’t Deserve This – Yvonne Nelson Tells President John Mahama

“The government actually promised they were sending power barges to help the situation. They told us it was coming last month [April] and today is 1st May. So its pretty much full of lies. They keep telling us lies and we are not seeing any results,” she said.

“They are just telling lies and taking Ghanaians for granted.”

Yvonne Nelson and John Mahama

Yvonne Nelson and John Mahama

“You know sometimes when I’m coming home, I’m scared, I’m scared of going home because the light is going to be off so  it’s pretty alarming…the whole dumsor situation is affecting everything, its affecting productivity in Ghana and something has to be done.”

“You know there are so many guys on Twitter and most of these guys are in schools, they can’t even learn because of dumsor, people are writing exams, they can’t learn as well. Businesses are closing down, companies are laying off workers.

“We can’t function as a nation and we need electricity to function”.



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