DStv Highlight: 28 October – 4 November


Transporter- Refuelled: This high octane, action packed, reboot of the famous franchise will have you wanting more as the new transporter joins force with a group of femme-fatales on a revenge mission. Tune in on Sunday 30 October at 6:05pm.


Bride & Prejudice: Three couples – all madly in love – decide to make a lifelong commitment and get married in the face of staunch opposition from their family and/or friends. Can they overcome prejudices born out of differences in race, religion, class or sexual preference? Over the course of the series the couples will plan their weddings while they attempt to bring their divided loved ones together. Will the couples go through with the weddings? Will their families and friends show up? And if they show up, will anyone speak now – or will they forever hold their peace? Tune in Fridays from 28 October at 6:00pm.


Keeping Up with the Kardashians S12B: This month on E!, as season 12 continues, the Kardashians deal with a tremendous amount of change as they embrace new beginnings and

attempt to move on from the most tumultuous and challenging period they’ve ever faced. With plenty of drama, glamour, laughter and tears, join America’s favourite celebrity family as they meet life’s triumphs and tragedies head-on in their trademark style, supporting each other

through the good and the bad. Premieres on Sunday 30 October at 6pm

Total Bellas: In this brand new series get an exclusive, up-close look into the lives of WWE superstars the Bella Twins, John Cena and Daniel Bryan as they all move in together. As the four unique, dynamic personalities coexist under one roof for the first time, there are comical clashes between the free-spirited lifestyle of Brie and Daniel and the meticulously organised tendencies of John. As Nikki recovers from her recent neck surgery and Daniel and Brie come to terms with their uncertain futures now that they’ve retired from WWE and Wrestlemania® respectively, this docu-series follows the stars’ raw and real VIP lives as they juggle their own realities and navigate the challenges of living with each other. From Monday 31 October at 7:00pm.

Disney Channel

Elena of Avalor (Premiere): Teenage princess Elena has saved her magical kingdom, Avalor, from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as its crown princess. Elena’s adventures will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion, the traits of all truly great leaders. Don’t miss the series premiere of Elena of Avalor on Saturday 29 October at 06:25am.

Discovery Family

Pick a Puppy: Follow the stories as families search for their ideal canine companions. While on this quest, the families visit various breeders, owners and animal shelters in an attempt to find the perfect fit. As family members grapple with these heart-tugging choices, they soon discover as much about themselves as the breeds they’re exploring. From Monday 31 October at 7:00pm.


Ghosts of Shepherdstown: Take a deeper look into the paranormal activities within Shepherdstown, West Virginia, following a trio of investigators who are trying to understand the slew of paranormal disturbances that constitute the majority of the historic town’s 911 calls. Each episode begins with a 911 call from a resident experiencing a strange happening, such as the sighting of a headless woman or the appearance of a body floating down the river. The police then call Groff, Hartley and Saint, who rush to the scene to look for evidence of ghostly activity. Later on, they enlist the help of local historians and psychics to understand these spooky occurrences. From Saturday 29 October at 7:50pm


Manuel & Silvana: Pedrito catches Jorge spying on the neighbours and runs to tell his father, not realising that Silvana is with him in the house. Stella visits Silvana and tries to overstate the situation with Manuel’s children hoping to convince Silvana to move elsewhere. Manuel and Stella go to a motel to spend the night together, but when Stella starts seducing Manuel he calls out Silvana’s name. weekdays at 4:00pm.

Woman Of Steel: Doctor Fernandez tells Sara that Salvador has died. Eliodoro is attacked in jail. Indio Amaro sends Empanada to make sure Salvador is really dead. Sara feels guilty about leaving her son behind, and is forced to confess to Aracely that Salvador is alive. Quintanilla is pleased with Sara’s work. Sara comes home to tell Salvador she will live with him forever, but she is arrested at the border. Rosalinda tells Felipe she is expecting his baby. Premieres weekdays at 6.30pm.

National Geographic

Facing (new series): Profiling icons through the point of view of their biggest rivals. Facing Icons will tell its stories in a bold cinematic style, featuring original interviews with those that “faced” history’s most successful people, along with journalists, reporters and other members of the media that were on the front line who will bring a dynamic play-by-play of the drama that unfolded, all seamlessly interwoven with archival footage and iconic photographs that will fill out the story and present a never-before-seen insight into these world beating movers and shakers. Tune in Thursdays at 7:00pm

Nick Jr

Blaze and the Monster Machine: Look out for lots of Halloween fun from Blaze and his pals. Crusher’s plan to steal everyone’s Halloween candy goes horribly wrong when he sends the treats far away from Axle City. Blaze and his friends must race as fast as they can toget their holiday sweets back. Tune in Saturday 29 October at 10:00am.

Bubble Guppies: It’s Halloween under the sea in the town of Bubbletucky. Join Molly, Gil, Goby and the rest of the gang as they go trick-or-treating. Will Mr Grumpfish smile and join in the fun, or is he just too grumpy for Halloween? Tune in Saturday 29 October at 10:20am.

Shimmer and Shine: Leah invites her genies over to join her for some Halloween games. When she wishes for Zac’s house to look scary for the spooky holiday, the genies go all out and turn it into a real haunted house, complete with its very own Frankenstein! Saturday 29 October at 10:45am.

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