Drink & Win: GIHOC launches ‘Chill & Win Promotion’ | See details here

 GIHOC launches ?Chill & Win Promotion?

By GhanaGist.Com

Don’t just drink but drink and get rewarded after! GIHOC Distilleries has launched a promotion dubbed ‘The GIHOC Chill & Win Promotion’.

The promotion runs for 3-months and aimed at rewarding clients and customers who have been loyal to the company as well as encourage potentially new consumers.

The reason for this promotion is in line with the company’s mission which is “to produce and market quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to satisfy our customers and maximize the expectations of our key stakeholders”.

This has necessitated the company to reward and encourage its customers who’s patronage has brought the company so far.

GIHOC has wide range of products but for the purposes of the promotion, only three leading brands are eligible, these drinks are Mandingo, Herb Afrik and Castle Bridge.

Now this is how to take part in the promotion and win! All you have to do is to buy a regular or PET bottle of Mandingo, Herb Afrik or Castle Bridge. Each bottle comes with a red sticker with a grey scratch panel, scratch the panel and text the code you will see 1762 on all networks. Each text cost 30p.

This is the trick! The more bottles you buy, scratch and text, the more your chances of winning.

The ultimate prize is a brand new Hyundai Elantra 2014 model and also a trip to Brazil to cheer up the Black Stars during the World Cup given in a form of cash. There are also other exciting prizes; motorbikes and 40 inch LED TV’s.

Follow the directions, we have given you above and thank GhanaGist.Com later.

If it’s not from GIHOC …. Tweaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Goodluck from GhanaGist.Com!


GIHOC was established in 1958 as the State Distilleries Corporation. It was the first modern distillery to be established in West Africa and presently the only distillery in Ghana.

In 1968, it became a division of the then Ghana Industrial Holding Corporation (GIHOC).

The company’s products are blended and bottled using about 60% local raw materials and they conform to very high international standards.

GIHOC’s flagship products Mandingo Bitters, Herb Afrik Gin Bitters, Castle Bridge Gin, Kaiser Schnapps, Chevalier Brandy, Sorento Sweet Vermouth, Buccaneer Rum, McFraser Whisky, Mandingo Bitters, Takai Liquer, Lawyer London Dry Gin, Real Musketeers Gin, McFraser Whisky and Meridian Filtered Water.


GIHOC launches ‘Chill & Win Promotion’

GIHOC launches ‘Chill & Win Promotion’

GIHOC launches ‘Chill & Win Promotion’

GIHOC launches ‘Chill & Win Promotion’

GIHOC launches ‘Chill & Win Promotion’

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