Don’t abuse Prophetic Ministry – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Renowned International Evangelist and Founding President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has decried the rampant rate of abuse plaguing the prophetic ministry in Ghana.
The Economist (Dr. Tetteh) who made his first TV appearance on the all new TV Africa morning show, Breakfast Live, expressed his utmost disgust and disappointment at the way some so-called “prophets” claimed to have the spirit of prophesy.
In a heart-to-heart chat on Breakfast Live with anchor, Obuobia Darko-Opoku, the man of God revealed that having the word of knowledge and spirit of discernment does not automatically make one a prophet.
“In the bible there are 9 gifts of the spirits and the prophetic ministry is one of them. However, I must cautiously say this, that a lot of people who call themselves prophets who are really not prophets. Having the word of knowledge and spirit of discernment doesn’t automatically make you a prophet.”
Dr. Lawrence Tetteh further clarified the difference between major prophets and minor prophets. “In the old testament we have major and minor prophets. Who do you think is a major prophet, he quizzed?”
“A major prophet is one who wrote volumes! Jeremiah wrote few chapters, Nehemiah…Isaiah wrote some long chapters. Minor prophets are like Obadiah and Micah who wrote one chapter or Joel who just wrote three chapters. Now the reason we have major and minor prophets is because in the olden days if you gave false prophesy, you will be stoned.”
“However in this day and age we have the freedom to do whatever we can and it is very sad that genuine prophets who are in Ghana, Nigeria and within West Africa who have the prophetic calling have been undermined.” He added.
His comments come at the heels of the sudden death of 20-year old dancehall diva, Ebony Reigns and the prophesied death of dancehall king, Shatta Wale.
Dr. Lawrence Tetteh who is a member of the Christian Council of Ghana has been an evangelist for more than 3 decades and actively served God as a preacher since 1986.
Apart from his calling as an evangelist Dr. Lawrence Tetteh lectures in Economics, Econometrics and International Relations in Universities and colleges around the world.
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Source: TV Africa

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