Do you know that the riskiest place to have sex is the beach? Juliet Ibrahim tried it and it was fun

Actress and producer Juliet Ibrahim has stated that the riskiest place for her to have sex was at the beach. According to her, it’s not actually a big deal and her escapade was spontaneous – it wasn’t planned.

Watch: I’m not a lesbian – Juliet Ibrahim 

Speaking on Trybe TV, she said, “At the beach … people are [were] actually there but I was in the water, so … honestly it was spontaneous and wasn’t planned … it just started, you just have to be very careful. You have to make sure wherever you are doing it or trying to do it is allowed and it’s not like a country or a place where people will find it offensive. There were a lot of tourists around, so nobody was bothered.”

The award winning actress in 2015 told GhanaGist.Com that, there is nothing bad about lesbianism but she does not indulge in the act.

“I’m not a lesbian. You will be wondering why I’m saying this because people always think I’m a lesbian. I always get questions when I play movie roles and stuffs but I’ve only kissed a girl once and that was in a movie and that was because I had to play a role. I’ve never been with a lady before. There is nothing wrong with it. You can do your thing if you like it, but I haven’t been with a girl before,” she added.

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