Do You Agree? Kontihene Says Time Management Is More Serious And Important Than #Dumsor

Yes, time management is important and rapper Kontihene thinks it’s even more serious than the current load shedding phenomenon popularly known as Dumsor.

The award winning rapper Kontihene was a guest on The KSM Show on Metro TV last Friday.

Talking about the constant disregard of time in the entertainment industry, he said, “I think in this creative industry there more people in there who are not mentally sound. Excuse me to say; there are so many people in this world who wear neat clothes but you deal with them and you see the frustration they will put you through.”

He therefore hopes that, things will change in the industry, so people will live up to their words and show up at a scheduled meeting on time.

“I pray we get a lot more wise people in the industry. People who will live up to their words. An example is you scheduling a meeting with someone at 12pm and then they show up at 4pm or not show up at all. Sometimes, some of them don’t care to call or text you to tell you the reason why they couldn’t show up.”

“To me that’s frustrating and it’s like they are wasting your life. I think it’s one major challenge we have as a nation. I think that’s even more serious than the dumsor; but people keep talking about the dumsor every day. There are more core issues we need to fix and transform our minds. In the music industry, we have thousands of them in there.”

Do you share Kontihene’s sentiments that time management is more important that Dumsor?

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