Do you agree? Eight of your exceptionally creative Ghanaian acts!

Okyeame KwameIn no particular order, here are eight of your exceptionally talented Ghanaian acts.

FOKN BOIS – Foes of Kwame Nkrumah made up of Mensa and Wanlov; do not only write mind boggling lyrics but visuals that get you to appreciate the skill they are made of.

M.ANIFEST – a Woodin ambassador; shoots consistently great videos and deliver music in the most adorable effortless fashion.

OKYEAME KWAME – If you chanced upon his Mr. Versatile album, saw his Mr. Versatile show and has seen videos of songs from his versatile album and still can’t tell if he is that talented, you have to see a doctor.

EFYA – “Little Things”, to her “Get Away” to her current “Life” song. Still without a debut album; she has taken her music far and wide. Her vocals, art covers and videos I’m sure might have won all her haters to her side by now.

JAYSO – Oh My! – After years of creating many of the hit songs you hear on radio and in the clubs, he is ready with “The Mind Game” joint album with BET winner Sarkodie. You surely like the “Pizza & Burger” video; don’t you? And have you seen his 6.39 minutes movie “I’m in Love With Your Girlfriend”?

EL – After years of producing for other artists, he hits Ghana with a double CD album “Something Else”. Wins album of the year and get fans stand in the rain for hours, to watch him at a solo concert at Alliance Francaise. This is certainly Crazy Challey!

BECCA – Rebeca Acheampong is also known for her high-end videos. Has an annual “Girl Talk” show. 2Face knows she’s a bad girl!

EDEM – “Go Get Em”. Arguably one of the best lone stage performers. Has won some audience appeal with his Ewe/English-laced lyrics. Has one of the most talked about videos in town “Heyba”. He is so concerned about the interpretation his music gets he had to reshoot his “Over Again” video.



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