Do something new and better

It is normal to start the New Year by honouring the past, celebrating the present and committing yourself to a better relationship for this year.

If marriage or relationship is the most important investment, then it’s important you resolve to make your relationship or marriage fulfilling this year.

You do this by identifying new and better things that will build your relationship.Let go of past mistakes

What is gone is gone. Never drag your past failures and challenges into the New Year. Don’t harp on what you should have done differently but learn from your mistakes. They should make you stronger and wiser.

Start the year on a clean slate.

Think positive

Your mind is your greatest weapon. Nothing is more attractive than a person with positive outlook and optimistic outlook on life. If you think success, you will find it.

If you see yourself and your relationship as good, good things will happen. You must , therefore, focus on what is going on well in your relationship and do more of the same to boost your self-esteem.

If you are single and looking for love, let your good vibes shine through your smile. Prospective partners would want to get to know you.

Put the focus on yourself

In almost all relationships, it takes only one committed partner to make it work because your lover merely reacts to what you do. Your Godly acts will impact positively on your lover and he or she in turn will react positively to you.

This means you never play the blame game and make your lover your problem and solution. And do not expect too much from your lover. He or she can never make you happy; only you can because happiness is a state of mind. Choose to ‘happy yourself’.

Have a vision and a mission

Helen Kellen who was deaf, dumb and blind said the only thing in life that is worse than blindness is to have sight without vision.

Have a roadmap for your relationship. At every point, evaluate the progress you are making. This ensures you do not just float in your relationship.

Be good friends

All fulfilling relationships are based on good friendship because whereas other types of love may fail, friendship stays. Be there for each other and share all areas of your lives. Be kind to each other.

Exchange gifts often because they are signs of goodwill and eases friction. Show behavioural kindness by being humble meek and patient. Show verbal kindness by your constant words of love, motivation, encouragement and hope. Give more, expect less.

Keep things to yourself and protect your relationship against the intrusion of work, friends and in-laws. Never lower your guard. Your unconditional love will help you stand the storms of relationships.

Celebrate your relationship

No matter what you have achieved, appreciate that your lover has been part of your success. Show appreciation always.

A meal, drink, visit or walk may be all you need to rekindle your relationship. Relationships celebrated often grow in health.

Do something new and better

Jesus is the greatest name because He did something new and better; his birth gave hope and salvation to mankind. As we celebrate his birth and start a new year, let Jesus be a model and do something new and different in your relationship.

This is important because you cannot do the same old things and expect better results. Resolve to do something new and better.

Always remember that good relationships do not happen by accident or luck. They are the result of consistent investment of time thoughtfulness, forgiveness, affection, companionship, solid rock commitment and spiritual wellbeing will make the new year truly new and better for you and your relationship.


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