Do men of ‘nowadays’ gossip more than women?


Just over the weekend, we brought to you a story on 5 kinds of women every man should avoid…LoL, and the comments came in its numbers.

Most of the comments channeled in were ‘amusing’, so we thought it ‘fun’ to bring to you today’s piece so as to create a balance.

We came across a new study carried out recently by psychology lecturers at the Western Canadian Undergraduate University, Canada, which has disproved the myth that women gossip more than men. The studies further have shown that men of ‘nowadays’ gossip more that women.

It is commonly believed that women are the ones who love to spread rumours, and gossip about their friends behind their backs…but today, men…are worse!

Men…love a bit of scandal, and will do anything they can to be centre of attention with their colleagues and peers.

The study carried out claims that although men and women love to gossip, chatter tends to bring guys closer, and tear female friends apart.

The study found that men chat about shared activities such as sports, which automatically brings them closer while women chat about physical appearance – which can endanger friendships.

Yet another study recently conducted by global research company, Onepoll, revealed that men spend an average of 76 minutes a day chatting and gossiping with their friends or work colleagues, compared to just 52 minutes for women.

The study also found that the favourite gossip topics for men include the antics of drunken friends, old school friends, rumours about possible relationships in the office or the boss, promotions, sex, salaries and the most attractive girl at work…while women were found to be more likely to complain about other women, other people’s sex lives amongst others.

The study further found that office is the preferred place for men to exchange gossip and that guys are happiest when chatting with work colleagues, and 58 per cent admit that being a gossip makes them feel “part of the gang”.

The researchers add that women also love to talk about news but rather than focusing on politics or government issues, news about soap operas and celebrities are more likely to cause a debate. And any type of relationship is up for discussion – whether it is their own, their friends, their friends’ friends or their bond with their mother-in-law.

Source: AVA

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