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DJ Cuppy Releases New Mix #LoveHouseHipHop

Are you a fan of both House music and Hip Hop but never get a good blend of both genres?

There is a high level of Hip Hop heads in Nigeria and the fan base of House music in the country has been on the rise for a few years now but a few people still complain about not getting a full dose either on the radio or at clubs. Who wouldn’t want a mix of both House music and HipHop all in one place? The answer to that question is the new mix by DJ Cuppy.

#LoveHouseHipHop is a great blend of both genres. DJ Cuppy fuses both to create an electrifying blend of music that will keep you on your feet and singing along to every tune.

Download here:


DJ Cuppy #LoveHouseHipHop_opt


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