DJ Award winners yet to receive their plaques

Ghana DJ AwardsThe maiden edition of the Ghana DJ Awards was postponed at the latter part of last year, at the very last minute when people had gathered at the National Theatre, with different accounts or stories about why the awards was postponed, given by Merqury at the venue and later on in a press release.

Fortunately, the event came on February 15, 2013 with so many inconsistencies. Some celebrities came to the awards to disgrace themselves, many artistes billed to perform never showed up, attendance wasn’t the best, and many DJs who had been nominated for awards never showed up.

Thinking Merqury Republic, the organizers of the Ghana DJ Awards, would have put its house in order and ensure things are done rightly, it however seems Merqury Republic is still dancing “shuperoo” when the “Azonto” craze is on.

Is it not surprising to know that 30 or more days after the event, none of the award winners has received his or her plaque?

To make matters worse, Merqury Republic has not even had the courtesy to officially explain to the award winners why their plaques have delayed. When Flex Newspaper got in touch with some of the award winners, they all confirmed that they have not received their plaques, neither have they been given any explanation.

As a sign of respect, Merqury Republic, should get in touch with the DJs and explain things to them rather than staying silent about the issue. When Flex Newspaper contacted Merqury to find out exactly when the award winners would receive their prizes, the response he gave was ”Very soon but we should wait for a confirmation”. Isn’t such a response funny?

How soon is ”very soon”? Is it going to be within a week, two weeks or even a month? When asked further what had caused the delay, another funny response he gave was ”arrangements with sponsors”. What the hell does he mean by ”arrangements with sponsors”? Can’t he for once be specific and get straight to the thrust of the issue?

When Merqury realized I wasn’t still satisfied with his response, he promised to give specific details when he gets hold of a particular report.

However, he was quick to let me know that the overall Best DJ, DJ Black has been given his prize package even though he is yet to get his plaque.

Do you sincerely think Merqury is really serious with this Ghana DJ Awards stuff? Let’s just have patience and see how things turn out. I hear members of the Judges Committee for the awards would be announced soon.

Is it so important at this time when previous winners have not received their plaques? I rest my case.


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