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Discovery Family

The Carbonaro Effect

Michael Carbonaro is a magician by trade, but a prankster by heart. Michael performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations, all caught on hidden camera. Everyone is left stunned and delighted, even though they have no idea what just hit them. Watch as a couple of unsuspecting teens are wowed by ‘Astro Laces’, which are ‘self-tying’. Michael is patron of a bar that offers whiskey shots that come in a small folded bag for just a dollar, and demonstrates to a student the most humane way of trapping rodents. Fri 06 Jan 2017, 5:00pm | Discovery Family (136)

Nick Jr

Zack & Quack: Take a journey into a storybook! Seven-year-old Zack, his pet duck Quack and his best friend Kira go on fantastic adventures through the pages of their pop-up book. This animated series for preschoolers is beautifully crafted and each page is a freshly curated scene, where the trio use tabs and pulls to introduce a new element to the adventure. Tune in every Weekdays at 3:15pm.

Race to the Top of The World: AJ and his trucker friends are raring to take part in the epic Race to the Top of the World, which will take them across the seven continents! But their arch-nemesis Crusher cheats and sends them all off course. Will they still be able to beat him fair and square? Catch them Sunday 8 January at 06:10am.

BBC Lifestyle

Diet Wars: In Diet Wars, five overweight Americans choose a celebrity trainer to pair up with in their quest to gain back their health. With wildly diverse diet and exercise plans, each trainer sets out to prove why their methodology is the best. At the weekly weigh-in, each contestant has the choice of whether to stick with their chosen plan or choose a new plan… thereby eliminating their expert. Tune in Sundays from 8 January at 2:00pm.


Maid In Manhattan: Marisa confronts Cristobal over his ownership of the hotel. Catalina vows to destroy Sara. Estanislao threatens Tania. The identity of Sara’s assailant is revealed. Cristobal asks Marisa for another chance. Victor is hailed as a hero. Cristobal asks Marisa to help with his political campaign. Estanislao tells Derek to bring him Calixta’s trunk. New episodes premieres weekdays at 2:20pm.

Zee World

Antara: Vidya advises Aditya to return the suitcase full of money. Sameer demands that his boss gives Aditya his job back. Vidya is in a life threatening situation and the last person she expect to save her is the one that does. Six years have passed and it turns out that Billu has become Antara’s protector and Aditya is still struggling to make Vidya happy. Tune in Weekdays at 4:00pm.

Young Dreams: With Seema and Sangeeta’s help, Charu fools Mayank by creating a huge scene. Vihaan argues with Dayal not knowing that he is his father in law to be. Gunjan advises Rachna to be strong and show Rajeev that she can live without him. Seema, Sangeeta and Charu hatch up a plan to get Charu closer to Mayank on Diwali, but will their plan succeed? Tune in Weekdays at 5:00pm to find out.

Twist of Fate: Pragya accepts Abhi’s condition even though it could mean that the two of them are separated. Abhi manipulates Suresh into agreeing to marry Pragya and that leads to a confrontation between Pragya and Suresh. Abhi learns of Pragya’s innocence and exposes the person behind the scheming but is it too late to stop Pragya from marrying Suresh? Tune in weekdays at 6:00pm.

King of Hearts: Sid plans a romantic evening for Roshni not knowing that his grandma and Misha will ruin it. It becomes clearer that Misha might have ulterior motives. Sid takes a gamble in an attempt to bring DD and Shiv together but will his gamble work this time? Misha captures Shiv and tells him about the twisted plan to get Sid. Every weekday at 7:00pm.

Sands of Time: Samar tries to get Nethra off this assignment and her grandmother is keen on suing Samar’s company for that. Gyanchand tells Jia not to blame herself for any loss the business has suffered because of Nethra. Nethra goes missing when she goes to Pune and her grandmother enlists Samar’s help in finding her. Weekdays at 8:00pm.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding: In this sequel to the 2002 hit “”My Big Fat Greek Wedding”” the revelation of a family secret and an even bigger, fatter wedding brings the Portokalos family together again. Premieres on Sunday 8 January at 6:05pm and on M-Met Movies Premiere from 6:30pm. Available on Catch-Up.

M-Net Edge

Difficult People (S2): Emmy-winner Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner star as the titular ‘Difficult People’ in this scathing comedy. In the season premiere, Julie attempts to fit in with a group of Jewish television writers. New season premieres on Friday 6 January at 5:00pm.

Comedy Central

Teachers: Elementary school teachers serve a critical role in society, as they help shape the minds of America’s kids. That presents a problem, however, when the educators who are trying to mold the country’s youth don’t have their own lives in order. Whether it’s Ms Snap hooking up with the school’s janitor or Ms Bennigan flirting with the resident “hot dad,” the ladies teaching the youngsters on this comedy series are far from being the role models that parents would like teachers to be. Tune in from 6 January 7:25pm.

E! Entertainment

2017 Golden Globe Awards -Live from the Red Carpet:  Fashion Police on Wednesday 11 January at 8:00pm Awards season is back again and, as always, E! has the best spot on the red carpet to bring you all the glitz and glam straight from Hollywood. Events kick off this January with the 74th Golden Globe Awards.

Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, the awards always attract the biggest names from both TV and film as they hope to end the night with one of the golden statuettes. Expect to see the cream of Hollywood on the red carpet including eight-time winner Meryl Streep who is being honoured with this year’s Cecil B DeMille Award.

Plus, the Fashion Police return with their Golden Globes special as they give their verdicts on this year’s style. Who will the team chose as their Best Dressed and who will be convicted of a fashion felony? Find out only on E! On Sunday 8 January at 02:00am and the 2017 Golden Globe Awards: Fashion Police on Wednesday 11 January at 6:00pm.

Disney Channel

Lego Frozen: Magic of the Northern Lights: Love Frozen? Then you definitely don’t want to miss this! Join Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven in a brand new adventure! Catch a new episodes of Lego Frozen: Magic of the Northern Lights on Thursdays at 2:35pm.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior’s Weekend Club: At Disney Junior we love the weekend, so we thought the best way to celebrate it would be to create a brand new Weekend Club! Join us every Saturday and Sunday in January as we celebrate the weekend with 6 of your favourite shows. So whatever your day has in store we can help kick start your fun with a trip to Enchancia or a game in the Clubhouse or even a trip to the Toy Clinic! Weekends from 7 January at 6:00am. Featuring Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, The Lion Guard, Goldie & Bear, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Miles from Tomorrow.

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