Dirty Politics: President Mahama no more gay but guy‏!

It feels very irritating when politicians use immoral materials or accusations to lambast themselves. The same President John Dramani Mahama, earlier this year was accused of having sexual relations with a gay right lobbyist, Andrew Solomon. Could a gay turn guy so fast?

One could easily justify that this accusation is baseless and frivolous. How could he be gay and guy at the same time. We could now smell the stinky political game. All these are tactics to obstruct his government.

Politics have being made to gain the tag “dirty game”. This is making most industrious men to shatter their dreams of going into politics for the fear of being insulted and traduced. 

His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is our president and man at the hem of affairs of this nation.

Hence, any vilification material against him would not only tarnish his image but the nation as a whole.

Propagandists have succeeded in spreading this fabricated video and photos across social media including facebook, twitter and others. All in the name of blackmailing the excellent man. I’m not interested in knowing the source but wish to ask that fellow only two questions.

How would he/she feel when he/she is in his shoes? Would this please God?

I’m also praying that all serial callers being sponsored by politicians to insult and falsely accuse their opponent be stopped. It’s high time politicians play their game “politics” with passion, in order to attract more industrious and competent people.

I don’t know how the various Religious Councils are going to take this because; I don’t think any religion would support immoral acts.

I believe my few words have come to clear the dirty clouds and we would leave as good people of Ghana. And believe it not that I’m a supporter of any political party, I’m only doing my job as a concerned citizen.

Mercy beaucoup.

By Felix Acquaye

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